Business and Small & Medium Enterprises :

REGP under KVIC :

Tiny and Small Scale Industries :

Loan for Small & Medium Enterprises :

Asomi Trade Credit Scheme :
To boost up Trade advances backed by marketable tangible assets in the form of mortgage of immovable property or in the form of liquid securities like NSC/KVP/LIC policy (surrender value).

Eligibility : The applicant should be a registered or licensed trader and should exclusively bank with us.
Loan amount : Term loan Maximum Rs.1.00 crore and working capital maximum Rs.25.00 lac.

Asomi Mortgage Loan :

Loan to owners of house, flat or commercial property against mortgage of such property to meet business/professional or personal purposes.

Eligibility : The applicant must have sufficient regular income to repay the loan and the property should be in his name

Urban Credit Card :
Loan facility under cluster approach in urban areas for Trade/Services or Business activity.

Eligibility : Group of Traders/businessman with business in the same market complex.
Interest : At PLR.
Loan amount : Minimum Rs.5000/- and Maximum Rs.1.50 lac (in case wife is Co-borrower loan may be raised to Rs.2.00 lac) subject to the condition that loan amount does not exceed 15 months net income of the applicant and total deduction does not exceed 60% of Gross salary).